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Using your program has dramatically changed the way that I conduct my sessions. There is no more guessing about how to best address their issue. They know and the change is immediate and dramatic. Your program allows me to more elegantly, accomplish that goal.

Your program is a must for anyone who wishes to take their practice to the next level. You have definitely raised the bar and in so doing have allowed me the comfort of knowing that I am NOW doing all that I can to assist my clients and they too know that their goals and dreams are achievable.

Love & peace,
Michael Anthony, CH,
Bayonne, New Jersey

  *    *    *    *  


The power behind today's most effective emotional therapies, in my experience, lies in accessing the subconscious mind in the service of emotional release and healing.

It is rare to find this powerful process presented in such a clear and uncomplicated manner, including both the necessary techniques and the authors' elegant adaptations.

Thanks to Matt Sison and Randy Shaw for presenting one of today's most powerful healing approaches in such a clear, interesting, warm and passionate manner. It is my great pleasure to recommend the DVD course. (Age Regression Program.)

Glenn Burdick, MA, LMSW; former Director, Institute for Psychology & Medicine;
Ann Arbor, MI

*  *  *  *  

Special Recommendation
All the way from
Melbourne, Australia!

Hi Randy and Matt,

Have received the program (Age Regression Program.) and have spent a lot of time watching it and I have to say, I love it, love it, love it. You make it very easy to understand, and the live demonstrations with Merle Ann are priceless.

Seeing the relief she felt when she finally released all those negative emotions was amazing, and really highlights your explanations of how to access and release the negative beliefs which hold us back. Now the Yahoo group discussions we have make a lot more sense.

I am excited about what this program will help me bring to my clients. Looking forward to all future instalments.

Malka Burd, C.H.
Melbourne, Australia

  *    *    *    *  


I think your DVDs are terrific. I have a lot of training, and you guys bring a whole new perspective to the business. I also want to thank you for putting together a professional package, unlike many of the big names out there who send you a less than impressive package.

I'm ready for your next work, when is it coming out? Please keep going for the gold.

Ken Breen,, A.C.H., EFT-adv. Long Branch, New Jersey

*  *  *  *  

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Regression Hypnotherapy Training
Advanced Concepts and Methods

Practices and methods to produce
exceptional healing changes.

The Most In-depth and Cutting-edge
Regression Hypnotherapy Training
for Hypnosis Professionals!

NOTE: Matt Sison has chosen to stop practicing hypnotherapy, and I will begin to reconstruct this site, and I will offer updated advanced training in the near future.

Randy Shaw, Matt Sison

Do you seek to improve your practice and
increase your hypnosis success?

Increase and expand your success with regression hypnotherapy, and become confident in doing successful regression healing work for all kinds of client issues.

The programs we offer were created for sincere Hypnosis professionals who want to utilize a reliable system for success to enable clients to achieve positive, healing improvements. Our programs include numerous hard-learned lessons which we acquired by conducting thousands of sessions with clients - and with ourselves.

We have fine-tuned a fluid and dynamic system of hypnotic regression and resolution processes, which is enhanced by your personal intuition to help your clients achieve results beyond expectation. You'll find our programs contain cutting-edge methods, clearly defined goals, and is guided by a foundation of concepts based in the laws of hypnosis and common sense.

As we built these programs we said to each other more than once, "I wish I had training this good when I first started practicing."

Learn, Improve and Master
Age Regression Hypnosis for Client Success.

These advanced programs go beyond "how to hypnotize" courses and thus are suited for the professional hypnotist who has already received certification, and is looking to greatly improve their skills in regression hypnosis.

This program provides you with positive and promising encouragement that is extremely helpful for successful regression work. You'll learn pioneering information that is sure to improve your skills and enhance your hypnosis success. Hear and learn from reports of remarkable client cases for you to learn from, that will inspire you to succeed in your own sessions.

These programs are presented in a clear, conversational manner that contains down to earth common sense.


Regression Hypnotherapy Program Package

 Learn How To Greatly Increase Your Success 

Along with 7 DVDs of lecture and live private sessions, this package contains an in depth guidebook that lays out the details of these advanced concepts and techniques.

Discover the most effective methods and techniques, and share amazing discoveries. You will enjoy the instruction, colorful examples and warm conversations, as if you were there with the instructors.

Help your clients get Results Beyond Expectation
with the powerful Regression Hypnosis
concepts and methods presented in
these cutting-edge training programs!


I enthusiastically recommend Matt & Randy's Age Regression DVD program. Like many Hypnotists out there, I learned age regression in my Hypnosis Class. However, my confidence and skills were not where I wanted them to be.

After purchasing the DVD program, and putting the concepts to use, my confidence has skyrocketed, and I have added many tools in my toolbox ...
To become a more confident Age Regression Hypnotist,
you must buy this program.

Darren Hiller, CH
Dallas, Texas

 Learn more about these Exciting 
 Advanced Training Programs. 

DVDs and Guide Book are included in each program.
Click on the links below for detailed information.

 Program 1 
Regression Hypnotherapy
Advanced Concepts and Methods
 Program 2 
The Pretalk for the Regression Hypnotherapist
  Program 3 
The Power of Releasing Negative Feelings

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